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 Cugini Notes

In this section I would like to ask cousins to send me stories, pictures and information about your family's connections to Greci, Italy.  You could send a story on a visit to Greci or stories about your family from Greci who came in the USA.  I will add stories as I receive them.  You can send pictures and I will include them. I will add pages to this section as cousins send in informaton. 

Dick Vara had a section on his Greci Cugini Home Page that included information sent to him and I will add some of those stories here.  The first page I am including is one for Dick Vara. Click on the names below to go to each persons note page.

Pages will be added as Greci Cousins send information and pictures.

Click on the each name on the left to go to individual's note pages.

Dick Vara's Note page

Marjorie Norcia Gallager

Giovanni Novelli

Mark Marino

Kim Quade

Sherry Pacelli Haddox                                and Violet Aiello Milone

Toni Scalzi Niner

Mazzarella Family

Leonardo Panella and Louisa Semonella

Semonella Family

Dominick Glitta