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Over the last twenty years a small group of cousins have done a lot of work on the records of the Birth, Baptism, Marriage and Death records of Greci, Italy.  Nick Norcia was the first cousin who started to index the civil records.  His work has been outstanding.  At the begining of this task our goal was to develop a database using these indexes.  Nick again has been the cousin who has done the majority of the work. 

For a long time we only had the civil records that were copied by the Morman church.  We all would go to the Famiy History Centers at the local at the temple in our individual cities and transcribe the records to develop the indexes.  With all the work that was done on the civil records we were able to create indexes for all the Birth, Marriage, and Death records from 1809 to 1910.

It wasn't until Nick Norcia and John Mazzarella were able to get access to the records at the church in Greci that we were able to take the records back to the 1600's. Over two visits to Greci, Nick and John were able to take photos of most of the church records.

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