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St Bartolomeo Plays in the USA

During the time between 1890 and 1925 the majority of the people who lived in Greci, Italy decided to start a new life in the USA.  They all had reasons for leaving behind the way of living they knew in Greci.  Some were looking for work, some were looking for adventure, some were joining family that had traveled before them, others wanted to see the "streets paved with gold".

They were giving up what they knew for what was unknown.

They traveled together on the same boat with others from Greci.  Husbands usually traveled first and then sent for wifes and children. 

They settled together in cities like Magnolia, Ohio, Bronx, New York, Waukesh, Wisconsin, Canton, Ohio, Lodi, New Jersey,  Boston, Mass....

They moved into the same neighborhood.  In New York the moved to the same building on the same floor.  They spoke a different language, ate different food.  

They joined the same church. 

It wasn't long after the groups began to arrive that they started to forn "St. Bartolomeo Societies".  In some of the cities they began to recreate the Drama that they remembered from Greci.  The Drama of St. Bartolomeo was first put on in the 1890's in the Broncx, New York.

In this section of the site I am going to have pictures from the different Plays in the USA.

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